Road To Asian Games Opening Ceremony Marks The Beginning Of An Esports Journey


16 June 2023, Macau, China – The highly anticipated Opening Ceremony of the Road to Asian Games took place today, marking the official commencement of an extraordinary Esports journey. 

Jointly organized by the Olympic Council of Asia and the Asian Electronic Sports Federation, teams from over 30 countries and regions across Asia will compete in the official Game Titles of the Hangzhou Asian Games Esports Program.

The Road to Asian Games not only offers a preview of the upcoming Esports events at the 19th Asian Games Hangzhou 2022, but also serves as a platform for our talented athletes to showcase their skills and foster a connection with the fans.

As the Technical Delegate to the upcoming Asian Games, it is our honor to be at the forefront of organizing the Road to Asian Games competition. 

The Opening Ceremony kicked off with a mesmerizing display of lights, music, and visuals, setting the tone for the anticipated showdown among some of the region's top teams.

Distinguished guests, including officials from the Asian Electronic Sports Federation, the Olympic Council of Asia, sports dignitaries, and industry leaders, graced the occasion, emphasizing the significance of Esports in the Asian sporting landscape.

In adding to the electrifying atmosphere, renowned indie pop band, Escape Plan, delivered an electrifying live rendition of "Forward Together," and arrangement that serves as the official theme song for the Road to Asian Games 2022.

Addressing the athletes Kenneth Fok, President of the AESF, expressed his enthusiasm and pride in witnessing the development of Esports athletes in the region, saying: “Today, you will showcase the Olympic values that the Esports community upholds: excellence, respect, and friendship, while simultaneously bringing pride and glory to your nations. The official RDAG tournament slogan – "Forward Together" – is a statement of fellowship, sustainability, and legacy. It is a natural calling that players, teams, fans, and the entire global Esports community can unite behind, sharing their collective passion for Esports and celebrating the future of the game.”

In the spirit of camaraderie, success, and even tribulations, we embrace them together. Hence, let us enjoy the fruits of our labor the same way we strive towards achieving it – together.”

Wissam Trkmani, Project and Operations Manager at the Olympic Council of Asia, also took to the stage to share his thoughts and express enthusiasm for the RDAG competition, saying: “With Esports making its debut at the upcoming Asian Games, we gather here today to celebrate this momentous occasion and embark on a new journey with the Road to Asian Games.”

“Together, we will celebrate the beauty and diversity of Esports and may the Road to Asian Games be a testament to the incredible achievements and unwavering dedication of Esports athletes in Asia.”

Over the course of the Road to Asian Games, fans and enthusiasts will witness exceptional talent, exhilarating matches, and unforgettable moments. The competition will not only push the boundaries of Esports but also pave the way for the future of competitive gaming in Asia.

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